Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the EScope browser extension have any impact on my web use?
  • Will the EScope extension collect all my browsing data?
  • Will my personal information be used by the study?
  • How can I assist the Project DATA study in other ways?
  • How will this information be used?
  • Will I be able to uninstall the extension at the end of the study?
  • Are there any risks to installing the extension?
  • Will I be able to see how my data is used?
  • I am affiliated with a partner organization. How do I access specialized reports and data?
  • I am a study participant. How do I  ask a question about the study?
The extension should have no impact, it will run in the background, and will only deliver pop-up messages to deliver short (30 second) surveys.
 No. the extension will not be able to collect any data from secure parts of websites, e.g. the parts of bank or credit card websites that require a logon.
No, participants will be assigned a unique ID number when they opt to participate in the study and complete a brief questionnaire. All reports from the data collected will be analyzed at an aggregate level. Those reports are available here. Only DATA Donors will be able to see information about their own exposure to ads collected by EScope.
 If you are interested in assisting the project in other ways, that’s great. There are two additional ways to get involved. You may donate your junk emails sent to you by political campaigns. And you may send us any direct mail you receive. For more information, please contact the research team.
 It is likely that this information will be used in future academic studies and published in academic journals. We anticipate significant media interest in the project, but we will only provide data to the media at aggregate level. We also publish the aggregate-level findings to this page.
Yes. Uninstalling the extension should be a simple task; instructions will be supplied at the end of the study.  We would like you to keep the extension installed until the presidential election in November. If at any time during the study you wish to uninstall the extension, please contact us for the instructions.
The extension has been specifically designed and built for this study by top-ranked professional developers under our research team’s technical supervision and in consultation with leading software development companies. EScope has been developed to the highest industry standards and should pose no risk.
We will provide aggregate level data on this site for participants to be able to see what is being collected.  
Project DATA partners are provided with specialized access to more extensive data and reports than are available on this website. The portal for retrieving this data is currently under construction but check back soon for more information or contact us directly.
Study participants may ask any questions about the research at any time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our research team at (Ceri Hughes, Project Administrator), or (Young Mie Kim, PI). If you have any questions about your rights as a research subject, contact the Education and Social /Behavioral Science IRB at (608) 263-2320.